She said some SM staff told her that Onew is really considering to quit from the business. SM is also not a help neither. They are so focusing on EXO now because they invested a silly huge amount of money on them already. So I guess most of the postings that state Onew is kinda depressed is not that wrong at all. Well… she is sure Key is pure gay. Minho is as competitive as his image in TV. Minho really tries his best to be such a perfection.

Kpop Idols and K

During a time when music fans have expanded to mostly older sister and uncle figures, EXO has a fandom full of eager fans in their teens. A teen fandom this massive is said to be the first since TVXQ. On the following day, the fans started a long race from EXO’s event in Pusan, to Gimpo Airport, to Gimhae International Airport, and even to Songdo, making it difficult and almost impossible for the team to travel.

As expected the fence used to protect the fans and members at this event was knocked over in the mayhem. Not only that, several hundred fans surrounded the vehicles transporting the members, blocking the roads and making it difficult to move.

Minho brought Jiyeon to the discotheque. Jiyeon had no idea why did he bring her to that place. To tell the truth, Jiyeon was never been to that kind of place before, it was her first time. But Minho pulled her hand back until Jiyeon sat on the sofa again. Tonight is gonna be the best night ever! Jiyeon felt a little bit scared when she saw Minho smiling like that. She could feel that Minho was different from usual today.

She could see some people were making love on the sofa not far from her. She felt disgusted to see it. Still seeing no sign from Minho.


Tempat favorit Gikwang buat pacaran itu taman. Ia bilang hanya pernah sekali pacaran waktu SMA. Dia juga sangat menyukai coklat, tetapi anehnya dia tidak menyukai sesuatu yang rasanya coklat. Dia juga bilang dia mau menikahi gadis yang cantik GIkwang bakalan percaya sama semua omongan yang orang-orang kasih tau ke dia dasar babo!

Born in Gwangju, October 10, 2. Height , weight 46kg 3. Blood type AB 4. Shoe size 39 5. Her hobby is writing, berselca, and reading books China. Suzy worried if his body in order to grow to be high again. Because he was shy and have trouble finding a suitable high heels 9. Most members first foray into acting

Oppa K

December 18, at Jonghyun may have allegedly committed suicide through carbon monoxide poisoning, which is now being investigated. As sad as it may be to say it, in situations like this, people may be wondering if his personal life had anything to do with the events leading to his death. K-Pop and Dating Working in the entertainment industry in many parts of Asia like Hong Kong and Korea is very different than the entertainment industry we know in the West.

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Running Man (TV series)

But I can share it with my fellow melodies. I just put BTOB broadcast. Also, I indicated the time for videos that exceeded 30mins.

It is a time to thank the military for their hard work and dedication and to show patriotism. K-Pop idols and Korean celebrities are among the many to make special announcements and events around South Korea. Dongwoon tweeted a message about his birthday plans and the holiday saying, “I was born on such a meaningful day so I was wondering what to do and decided to go hiking at Mt. Geomdan and visit the Memorial Monument at the bottom. I hope everyone thinks about those who protected out country and re-think about the meaning of this day once again.

Kwon Sohyun tweeted a picture of herself with a cute bow celebrating Memorial Day and her group mate HyunA’s birthday. Please think of the day’s significance as well as wish HyunA a happy birthday! Dasom of SISTAR also called on her fans to remember the meaning of the special day by tweeting, “Let’s not forget those who sacrificed themselves for the country! Don’t forget to raise the flags either!

Seohyun of Girls’ Generation put a message up on the group’s official page that read, “Everyone! Today is Memorial Day! Let us applaud the deceased patriots and deeply engrave their noble minds of safeguarding our country throughout the day!

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It was still quite early and the morning school bell hadn’t rung yet. Doojoon raised his eyebrow, before he sat down beside him. He had just arrived at school and heard people whispering things about Junhyung and Hyuna.

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Remember, grain of salt and all that, especially considering the source though she does have a history of posting rumors and blind items. Otherwise, let your imaginations run wild! T-ara Is a heavy drinker.

Pipiku ditampar dengan cukup keras oleh Leeteuk hyung. Aku duduk di sofa tunggal yang langsung dikepung oleh member yang lain disekelilingku. Mereka semua menatapku dengan tatapan yang sangat membuatku bersalah dan tertekan. Sebagian diriku tidak terima di rendahkan seperti ini, tapi sebagian yang lebih besar sadar bahwa ini adalah hasil dari perbuatanku. Kau justru menyamakan Yuri dengan sampah secara tak langsung.

Yang langsung menamparku secara tak langsung. Leeteuk hyung terduduk di sofa tunggal di sampingku. Tapi setelah tahu ini, kurasa aku akan mengijinkan Nichkhun segera melamar Yuri. Berani sekali Nichkhun hingga melamar Yuri dan melibatkan hyungku.

Hello Counselor – Park Sohyun, Choi Hee, Ku Jiseong & Kim Hyeoncheol! (2014.11.24)