If you are struggling with big decisions it may be because you don’t have your destination clearly identified. For example, if someone brings up an idea you shared a year ago like it is a new instead of saying, ‘I said that last year and you shot it down,’ try ‘That sounds a lot like what I brought up last year. Can you help me understand how this idea is different? As clients move up the ladder at work, they sometimes take on a false belief that they should be good at everything. This results in them spending a lot of time on things they aren’t good at, when they could delegate it instead. Trust me, you do not want a charismatic and visionary CEO doing the spreadsheets. What tasks do you consistently dread? What feels like a struggle for you? What makes your gut feel tight and heavy? What makes you feel worn down and miserable?

6 Types of Dysfunctional Childhoods You Should Know About

Herbert connected with 11 receivers, amassing total passing yards. Jaylon Redd is streaking: The sophomore wide receiver has scored a touchdown in four straight games dating back to Oregon State game in Justin Hollins is a machine: The outside linebacker recorded two tackles for loss versus Portland State, extending his streak to six games with a tackle for loss.

A former Portland Parks & Recreation employee says he is guilty of possessing child porn and encouraging child sex abuse, the Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office says.

Does It Hurt Your Case? For all intents and purposes, your marriage may have been over for a long time and the divorce process often feels like a waiting period. By this point, many people want to get out there and explore new romantic possibilities. But the question arises: Once you put the wheels in motion, it may sound like the perfect time to re-enter the social scene.

But you want to carefully consider your circumstances.

Kimberlee Cvitash, Portland Life Coach,

Herbert has 4 TDs, No. AP — Justin Herbert has thrown nine touchdown passes to six receivers through two games this season. The Oregon quarterback is just fine with spreading it around. My job is just to get them the ball and let them do the work. It was the 22nd straight nonconference win for the Ducks

Portland State is against the top division, with two of those wins coming in against Washington State and North Texas under current coach Bruce Barnum.

Signal Corps photographs c. Abell was a noted commercial photographer who worked from San Francisco to Tacoma, The collection consists of 32 images, primarily portraits, dating from the s and s. The collection consists of five images of Portland shipping, s s. The collection consists of 23 images, primarily portraits of Adamson and his wife, dating from the s s. Ainsworth photographs PH Ainsworth was a steamboat pilot and a principal in the Oregon Steam Navigation Co.

The collection consists of 78 images: Aldill was curator of the Douglas County Museum in Oregon, and wrote books of railroad history. The collection consists of 23 panoramas of Oregon lumber companies during the s. Allen photographs PH Allen moved to the Rogue Valley of Oregon in He was an amateur photographer and cinematographer who filmed the first feature film made in Oregon, “Grace’s Visit to the Rogue River Valley.

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More If dating app after dating app has seemed to fail you, it might be time to quit looking for love online and instead try your luck IRL. But if you are feeling like you’ve eyeballed all the singles in your city and you’re sick of living in your zip code, it might be time to pack up and go elsewhere, where the bars seem fresh and the people seem greener than the ones in your stale town. Wondering where to go?

Portland You may not have had Oregon on your list of cities to live in, let alone travel to, but surprisingly, it’s one of the hottest spots for tourists and singles to flock to in

Mentesana is the homeless liaison for the Beaverton School District. In city centers, the problem is obvious — and largely adult. In Beaverton and Hillsboro, Vancouver and Gresham, the more common story is a quieter one: In , people in families represented 28 percent of the homeless population in Multnomah County.

They represented almost half of all homeless people counted in Clark and Clackamas counties and a third of those in Washington County. Some of that is simple economics:

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Discover our variety of events to learn, grow and be open to love. Additional events available to members only. After you enroll in our membership program you’ll see more activities to select from. When you show up – you are loved up.

The dating coach market ranges from one- or two-person operations up to multimillion dollar businesses. That means men teaching men how to charm, seduce, .

Previous Next Index Top 10 roadside attractions from Portland to San Francisco Towering trees, mysterious forces and a miraculous dog are just a few of the oddball attractions along the Pacific coast road from Portland, Oregon, to San Francisco, write Ken Smith and Doug Kirby, editors of Roadsideamerica. Alamy The drive along the Pacific coast from Portland to San Francisco offers vistas of towering trees and, well, more towering trees. Nature has gone a little ga-ga here, with mysterious forces that can twist vegetation, mock gravity, and give superpowers to a dog.

People are similarly smitten: OREGON Freakybuttrue Peculiarium, Portland Trying its best to uphold Portland’s image — the city’s unofficial motto is Keep Portland Weird — the Freakybuttrue Peculiarium and Museum is a 21st-century cabinet of curiosities, combining a fringe art gallery, carnival sideshows, a store of strangeness and a cafe. You can pose in an alien autopsy photo-op you’re the one being disemboweled , peer into Portland’s largest kaleidoscope, and scrawl phosphorescent graffiti in a motel room where everything is coated in glow-in-the-dark paint.

The bold can also join the Insectarian Club by eating an ice-cream sundae sprinkled with crickets and mealworms. Open Wed-Fri 11am-5pm, Sat 11am-7pm, Sun 11am-5pm.

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For that illustrated background, you can see St. Boniface and His Times. Or, closer to home, visit the St. We suggest you first scroll down through the years to sample the color and character and get your bearings. You can always go back with , but don’t miss the wonderful old photos farther down! You can also jump to “chapters” of this page by clicking on one of these:

An Oregon school board voted on Wednesday to remove the name ‘Lynch’ from three elementary schools in Portland. Lynch Meadows Elementary, Lynch .

Although she was raised on an organic farm by health-conscious parents in Portland, Oregon, Jamieson became addicted to sugar and did everything she could to feed her craving. I chose to heal. By overcoming her food addictions and the resulting weight and health problems, Jamieson learned something life altering: Following the success of Super Size Me the Oscar-nominated documentary Jamieson cocreated and costarred in with her ex-husband, Morgan Spurlock and her subsequent book, The Great American Detox Diet Rodale Books, , Jamieson found herself on the sad side of divorce.

Her husband left her when their son was almost two, her career went downhill, and so did she—thus began the second half of her life. The well-known vegan chef and cookbook author found herself craving, and secretly eating, meat! In a few days I lost thousands of readers and quite a few friends. But then a new community started to emerge—filled with people who wanted a nonjudgmental place to discover their best diet, without fear of being shamed.

Your theory is that cravings which can lead to bad health, depression, and—for me—thighs are the way our bodies ask for balance? Your body is smart.

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