But, let me start with this. Benavidez is now my favorite guy to watch and Errol Spence. Plant faced a guy that was so slow and inept, it was pitiful. I thought that was a rap by Tone Loc. Oh, Plant won a unanimous decision yawn. He might enter the ring on a surfboard.

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Running diary below contains adult language, objectionable content and spoilers for some readers. Viewer Discretion is Advised. Due to its length, take frequent eye breaks if you’re reading this top to bottom. On the heels of what we got to enjoy this spring with the originals of Jersey Shore returning for a Family Vacation in Miami, the attention now turns up the way to Panama City Beach in Florida’s Panhandle as a new season of crazy gets underway with Season 2 of Floribama Shore.

Montana Travel & Recreation Directory is published annually and distributed through hotels, restaurants, advertisers, mail requests, chambers of commerce and tourist information centers.

Also called “the dragon girl” or “the Dragon Queen” in reference to her ethnicity, and additional terms in later chapters Justin: The Embodiment of Manly Beauty. Also called “The Incredible Hunk” or “the uberhunk” Katie: Also called “the Thin Twin” Leshawna: Also called “the dusky daughter” in reference to her skin tone Lindsay: Also called “the uberbimbo” Noah:

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My neighbourhood has gorgeous views of the city just by walking across the street. It overlooks a lovely garden with windows opening up to morning sunshine and the dark starry night. My place feels like one has stumbled across a Country Inn amongst a city setting, it’s very unique, and a most magical place to come home to after a day of skiing, walking, or sightseeing on one of our wonderful rainy, snowy or sunny days Our yard is a gem amongst the city life.

Once you leave our yard the rest of the neighbourhood is residential, safe and easy to access the rest of the city by bus, foot, bike, car.

We went out, ate, went dancing and even seen some fireworks. We came home after and change into something more comfortable. I throw on some jeans but Janet goes and put on this sexy lil thing. decide to have a lil time by the fireplace.

No boots—low Mizuno running shoes. No reinforced pants tucked in—just shorts. As big as a cat, he thought. The panic started creeping up on him. Someone moved inside the entrance to the building. Jumped off the electrical cabinet. Disappeared along the side of the building. Niklas opened the door and stepped into the entranceway.

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Gideoncrawle What if TDI had been played for drama instead of laughs? In this Season 1 reimagining, a former contestant tells the story to her teenage son in the style of The 1, Nights. Rated T for mature subject matter, mild profanity, etc. Updates irregularly, usually near the end of a month. That evening, after they had dined and Brett had attended to his homework, Brett asked his mother to tell him more about her experience on Total Drama Island.

There is a 42′ LED TV with cable and HDMI hookup, you can watch from the kitchen bar or from your bed. located at a walking distance from the house. We also walked few minutes to watch the 4th of July fireworks. I also loved the double shower in the master bath. or fisher, PERFECT location. Honestly, I didn’t find the traffic at the.

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Leave a comment Whoa so I was running around from get together to get together and it is bad enough I have to travel through Forest Park, IL to get back to Oak Park, IL but now there are extras to make the traffic issues even worse in which suburbs like that aforementioned busy enough but these two added aspects just make it stupid. Traffic issues there are never really addressed but somehow the local governments like to add to the misery of all those who travel in their suburban streets.

And somehow the residents of these suburbs just remain silent as unwarranted changes occur all around them. It seems everyone just grumbles about it however when the opportunities to cause change, such as when election season comes about they vote the same way they did before. First, of all there is the construction on Roosevelt Avenue from Harlem avenue to Des Plaines Ave, everything is whittled down to a single lane for a while grinding the traffic down to a crawl.

All I can really see the construction crews are doing is redoing the sidewalks on each side with new concrete and red decorative bricks.

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There is a TV with HDMI hookup and a blue ray/DVD player (no cable) and wifi access. Please note, the toilet and sink are in one room, while the shower is in another. a quite private space within walking distance to the Bangor waterfront. Enjoy waterfront concerts, festivals, fairs or fireworks without the hassle of finding appropriate.

And somehow this guy convinced his girlfriend into wearing a pair of the wireless underwear out in public. Brazilian Zombie Train Prank: It’s quite possibly the best zombie prank ever In a good way. Look at this old man above busting some moves to ” shutyourtrap” by Klaypex – and befo Well, at least the best Uber ride they’d had t Sure you may argue whether that’s even a language, but for this Americanish girl, it is. The Perils Of Having A Teenage Daughter – British Comedian Phil Jupitus Hilariously Shares The Pain Phil Jupitus finds out the hard way that being a parent is no easy ride and things get especially challenging when the kids become teenagers, especially when they have sex for the first time.


Our home is comfortable and well suited for guests. Come and make yourself at home in the Gateway to the Tropics! Our split-Plan, sq’ home provides plenty of privacy, creature comforts, and all the amenities to make your stay very enjoyable. We like to clarify this right up front, as we have received several inquiries from guests who seemed to be unaware of this.

We have not child-proofed our home, and we have several items that may be attractive hazards for small children. Then there is the safety and liability issues particularly with a swimming pool.

Enjoy waterfront concerts, festivals, fairs or fireworks without the hassle of finding appropriate parking. Short walk to Shaw’s supermarket, very close distance to Steven King House, Bangor downtown, Cross Insurance Center, Hollywood Casino and Bangor Raceway.

Leave a comment I see that parents are letting their kids run the streets in Oak Park, Il which is nice to have that luxury but unfortunately, these kids are Not paying attention to the world around them. As I drove down East avenue, I literally had to drive 7 mph as two young girls under the age of 10 rode their bikes in the street. I should state that they were trying to ride their bikes. It shook them up but hey what can you do I am not their parent.

I did shrug my Shoulders as I drove by them, still shocked in disbelief. If parents cannot teach their kids the ways of the world, the world will, and its Harsh and a bitch. Never mind I am forgetting an important point there were only a few people on the road so I anything happened. And all the drivers were aggressive as fuck so who knows what state of mind they are in.

All I know this has become another issue that I have to bother friends and family about when they travel to visit me. As if construction on Harlem and Chicago is not bad enough or the choking small two parallel lanes that haunt the travelers of Oak Park now drivers you have this extra traffic problem for the summer as well.

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