Copy Link Copied advertising Chuck has been teetering on the verge of cancellation since its inception way back in Pretty impressive, when you think about it. Despite not being on par with the nearly flawless quality of season 2 a perfect combination of eighties-esque action and comedy if there ever was one , season 4 has been far more consistent than season 3, and never anything less than damned entertaining. He stopped the bad guys, saved the good guys, and all in time to make it back for his rehearsal dinner. That is, until Vivian Volkoff remotely zapped his fiance with her Norseman weapon, rendering Sarah nothing more than a convulsive heap on the floor – and a barely alive one at that. Will Sarah die in agony like everyone else who has ever been zapped by the Norseman? Probably not, but the only way to find out is to watch the season finale… Review As if there were ever any doubt, Chuck did it.

Chuck vs. the Seduction Impossible

I think this thing is cursed or something. But Chuck is already thinking ahead. Well, I can see holes in that reasoning, but Morgan and Casey are with Chuck, and there they go, to find Sarah. So… How did she get there? His name is Chuck Bartowski.

For awhile after, Chuck and Blair continue to hook up but keep it a secret. They eventually realize they need to stop, with Blair wanting to quarantine herself from sex with Chuck and Chuck wanting to have an excess amount of sex to not want to Met: Before Pilot.

Season 3 Review Did the Intersect 2. By Eric Goldman With fandom showing their support via delicious Subway sandwiches Subway didn’t pay me to say their sandwiches are delicious — but they can feel free to send me a coupon if they’d like! The year began with Chuck’s brain now housing the Intersect 2. Opening the door to a Chuck that was far more physical and not always having to be protected was a great change to the series, and Zachary Levi seemed to be having a ball showing a Chuck who, at times, could be legitimately bad ass.

Season 3 got off to a strong start, with most of the episodes really delivering, including a well done storyline focusing on Captain Awesome , in the wake of his discovery about Chuck’s status as a spy. But a notable highlight of these early epsiodes was ” Chuck Versus First Class. And come on, how is that not awesome? And with Chuck and Sarah on the outs, this episode also introduced Hannah , a new love interest for Chuck played by Kristin Kreuk , in what was easily her most relatable and charismatic performance to date.

The nearly simultaneous introductions of Hannah and Shaw seemed obviously set up to give Chuck and Sarah new romantic interests, which indeed was the case. However, where the Hannah storyline felt natural and easy to invest in, Shaw’s storyline was more problematic. Shaw came off as rather creepy and stalkerish with Sarah at first, and unfortunately, Routh and Strahovski didn’t share the natural chemistry Kruek and Levi fell into.

That being the case, it was sad to see Kruek depart the series rather abruptly, even while Shaw continued to be a major part of the entire season.

Chuck: “Chuck Versus The Pink Slip” Review

Edit In School Lies , Vanessa films Dan for a documentary she’s making to enter in a contest, hoping to win some prize money. Once Dan and Vanessa arrive, they witness an accident in which a boy almost drowns. While everyone is hurrying to leave, Vanessa catches a shot of Chuck holding the pool key used for entry. After the students are given an essay to write as punishment, Blair Waldorf invites everyone to her penthouse so they can work together.

During the study party, Vanessa shares with Dan that Chuck was the one who initiated the party. However, once confronted about it, Chuck denies doing so and says he only took the key so everyone didn’t get blamed.

Chuck spent 5 years with Sarah and raising him self up from a nerdy loser to the CIA’s top spy. He is now currently on the same professional level, personal level (dresses with class,had a better hair cut, much more confidence ect.), and Sarah and has spent 5 years getting to know the real her and not the tuff exterior she had in episode 1.

From an interview with Chuck co-creator Chris Fedak: I want to start at the end. They sit on the beach, Chuck tells Sarah the story of their relationship, she laughs, and we’ve gotten hints that she’s starting to remember her life with him. And he kisses her. Does Morgan’s magic trick idea work and she remembers everything instantly?

Or is it just going to be a slow and steady process for her to get all her memories and feelings back?

Everything Has Changed (A Chuck Fanfic/Charah Story)

Well, it was supposed to be, but NBC ordered more episodes and I somehow missed the memo. Frankly, this show has been falling out of my favor for a long time. Chuck and Sarah simply do not have the chemistry to keep their relationship troubles interesting. A lot of season 3 was actually painful to watch and season 4 has had some serious lows, as well; though the appearance of Timothy Dalton has revived it somewhat. The spies in the family need to let off some family steam with a mission.

Good set-up for some high octane spy action.

Chuck’s interest in finding a real relationship leads Chuck to “break up” his cover relationship with Sarah and pursue Lou the sandwich girl, which causes Sarah to become jealous and protective. Just after the “break up” Sarah passionately kisses Chuck seconds before a bomb is meant to explode.

Most fans are working through their heartbreak by repeating a mantra of patience and convincing themselves that Chuck and Sarah are meant to be together—and will be when the time is right. Some, however, are not as forgiving. This, of course, is a terrible idea—boycotting Chuck will only ensure its cancellation. We were reminded, however, of other instances in which TV shows suffered fan outrage after breaking up a relationship. Here are five shows whose character breakups inspired rage among fans devoted to keeping their OTP One True Pairing together—by any means necessary.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Sinking Ship: But the real shock came when angry fans labeled their beloved Joss a homophobe. Although Willow and Tara had maintained a mostly happy relationship for two seasons, killing Tara and ending the ship was enough to get fans finger-pointing. Not really, of course. If you speak German, just read the subtitles.

The lead actors dare to find real-life love with people other than one another For some Supernatural fans, shipping extends to the actors involved with the show. Far be it from us to judge, but things got out of hand when both leads got engaged. Veronica Mars Sinking Ship:


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Chuck fanfic: Can’t Take The Sky From Me

I’ve received a surprising number of encouraging feedback emails. I always welcome your comments and suggestions! For those of you unfamiliar with our story:

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Report Story The morning rises quickly in Burbank. The sun seems to pop up out of nowhere like a balloon that a child let go of too soon. Birds start chirping their harmonious melodies early, too early for some people, but just the right time for me. The birds wake me up every day and tell me to keep quiet. They tell me to listen. I listen because, in her sleep, Sarah remembers. And when Sarah remembers, she inevitably mumbles.

I hear whispers of the old Sarah and of adventures we’d been on, people we’d met, and places we’d visited.

Chuck Versus the Break

Lee begins a search for a key that can unlock a part of Alexei Volkoff ‘s office to claim the organization. He kills two of Volkoff’s lieutenants, leading him to a last one in Volkoff’s organization, who tells him that he knows where the key currently is. The lieutenant is spared, but found dead later by the CIA.

Mar 23,  · One day Sarah shows up at the Buy More, Chuck never having gotten over her is surprised and happy to see her! Brooke see’s Chuck and Sarah together and is heartbroken. Brooke loves Chuck but doesn.

Tim Stack February 12, at In the final moments, electronics store clerk-turned-superspy Chuck Bartowski Zachary Levi attempted to reignite the memory of amnesia-plagued Sarah Yvonne Strahovski with a kiss, but viewers never saw the resolution. Do you guys ever toss around the idea of bringing Chuck back? It certainly came up after the Veronica Mars news surfaced and all of a sudden that being a viable thing.

What it really comes down to is what is the story you want to tell. So the story was not complete. Whatever it is, you want the chance to tell that story. We were very fortunate with Chuck. As much as we always felt the end was coming, we did get five seasons of the show and an opportunity to tell a lot of story. Does it feel like you must do this because the audience is going to love this new take? The thing that was so great was that you left off on a cliffhanger.

So it would be easy to pick up where you ended. If there was a new iteration of Chuck, have you thought about what the next story would be?

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Australia…is keeping us apart. Sarah, does he make you smile? That says it all girls. Awwwwwwwweeee [cut to Chuck grinning and then looking at Casey who is glaring at him] Crowe: You will never meet a guy like him.

Nov 11,  · Why do you do this to me? Why do you do this so easily? You make it hard to smile because you make it hard to breathe. Why do you do this to .

February 28, at 9: And incidentally, you and others have really helped me to get to a much better place vis a vis the final part of the finale. Liz Well then, our work here is done! Just before telling Chuck to kiss her he had made an emotional, and pathetic last ditch appeal to Sarah. How could she not ask him to kiss her given these circumstanses, plus it was also a way to keep him from going on and on as he had a way of doing. Thanks for the opportunity to be part of this discussion.

Mel Wow, what a depressing take on that scene! Wilf February 28, at 2: To be left with such ambiguity at the end of a dark, dark finale of a light-hearted, heart-warming series such as Chuck is pretty shocking.

Chuck Videos

Thus they wouldn’t be linked to the two “vanished” hotel guests because each cabdriver would remember only driving a young man respectively a young woman to the Gare Montparnasse. They met in a quieter corner of the station again and cuddled up while automatically scanning the perimeter for any interest they may have attracted. Sarah had consciously dressed herself low-key to reduce the attention — especially the one paid to her by men — to a minimum. And our first vacation is about to start.

Feb 09,  · “The main reaction I had to the romance subplots can be summed up thusly (and this is more or less what I said to my husband when the episode ended): “Hmm, the workplace-related reasons behind Sarah not dating Chuck are starting to seem increasingly flimsy, and Sarah sure went from not liking Shaw much to wanting to date him very quickly.

Biography[ edit ] Very little information about Sarah’s past has been revealed throughout the series. The only people outside of her family confirmed to know her real name, revealed to be “Sam”, are Director Graham [2] now dead , Daniel Shaw , and Chuck. It is otherwise only known that she has confessed her middle name is Lisa. She attended at least her senior year of high school—and graduated in —under the alias of Jenny Burton. One of their scams was the “Lichtenstein,” in which her father would masquerade as a struggling German inventor or businessman attempting to unload an invention or other valuable commodity that never actually existed.

Sometime in before her high school graduation, Sarah’s father was arrested for his own protection after a scam went wrong and put his life in danger. He left her a hidden cache of money for just such an emergency, and it was while recovering this cache that she was first approached by CIA Director Graham. He took her in as a protege after remarking on her many aliases and gave her the cover name of Sarah Walker. Although apparently “recruited” at this point, flashbacks make it clear that she continued in high school; several of the popular children cruelly mocked her as the “jailbird’s daughter” because of her father’s imprisonment.

Sarah has an adopted 5-year-old sister circa named Molly, whom Sarah saved as a baby in Hungary.