Name His name most frequently appears as Cheyney, however consistency in spelling was not a hallmark of the era! Later generations tended to spell the name Cheney or Chaney. Guessing that Richard spent about 10 years in Virginia, he might have immigrated to Virginia around , and if he were 21 at the time, would have been born about This is conjecture, however. When and where he married Charity, her place of origin, and even her maiden name, are also unknown. First Marriage to Charity Richard’s first marriage to his wife Charity occurred before his arrival in Maryland. Her maiden name is unknown. We know the arrival was after this date because if they had arrived earlier, they would have been eligible for acres of land each rather than the 50 they received. In , their daughter Elizabeth testified that she was then 74 years of age, [2] which would calculate to a birth date of , suggesting she was born as soon after 20 June as possible. Skordas shows him as having Immigrated, which means he brought himself to Maryland, his travel was not paid for by others.

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Un lupo grigio e uno sciacallo dorato impagliati al Museo di Zoologia di San Pietroburgo. Il lupo grigio possiede un mantello invernale molto denso e morbido, con una lanugine corta e una giarra [34] lunga e ruvida. I peli delle guance sono allungate e formano dei ciuffi. I fossili di tali dimensioni, ritrovati soprattutto nel Texas settentrionale, potrebbero appartenere agli antenati del lupo grigio. Tra loro venne individuato il C.

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Milano is financially the most important city in Italy. It has the second most populous city proper in the country, but sits at the centre of Italy’s largest urban and metropolitan area. While incorrectly not considered as beautiful as some Italian cities, having been partly destroyed by Second World War bomb raids, the city has rebuilt itself into a thriving cosmopolitan business capital. In essence, for a tourist, what makes Milan interesting compared to other places is that the city is truly more about the lifestyle of enjoying worldly pleasures: Milan remains the marketplace for Italian fashion — fashion aficionados, supermodels and international paparazzi descend upon the city twice a year for its spring and autumn fairs.

Don’t get fooled by the modern aspect of the city, since it’s one of the most ancient cities in Europe with more than 26 centuries of history and heritage! Leonardo da Vinci’s The Last Supper. If you plan to visit it reserve a ticket online, as it is sold out for several months. Milan is the most modern of all Italian cities, and it still keeps most of its past history intact. At first sight, Milan looks like a bustling and relatively stylish with its shiny display windows and elegant shops metropolis, with a good number of grand palaces and fine churches in the centre, but might seem like a slightly prosaic, soulless and business-orientated place.

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Tuniit or Tunit refers to the next inhabitants of central and eastern Arctic. The Dorset culture evolved because of technological and economic changes during the period of — BC. Scientists theorize that there may have been cross-contact of the two cultures with sharing of technology, such as fashioning harpoon heads, or the Thule may have found Dorset remnants and adapted their ways with the predecessor culture.

By , the Inuit , present-day Arctic inhabitants and descendants of Thule culture, had settled in west Greenland, and moved into east Greenland over the following century.

The adventure at the Department of Mysteries turns into an absolute disaster. When it looks like it is the end for Harry, an unexpected event makes Harry’s life even more complicated than it was before.

Naruto The Banished – On Hold: Konoha banished their leader, and for some reason he wants to help them in their war between Oto and Iwa. Naruto gets Sasuke back but finds his effort unrewarded. The Civillian council in its infinite wisdom decided to execute him. Unfortunatley for them it never happens as a group called Vongola interferes. After training he becomes their leader and takes the Akatsuki on.

But when Konoha is in danger will he save them or will he let them burn? Naruto King of the Wastelands — On Hold: Naruto loses Sasuke at the Valley of the End and becomes unconscious. What happens when Orochimaru and the Akatsuki start the 4th Shinobi War? Will Naruto be ready?


Incipient 16, , years ago , Initial 10, , Early , , Middle 5, , , Late 4, , and Final 3, , , with the phases getting progressively shorter. Within the archipelago, the vegetation was transformed by the end of the Ice Age. In southwestern Honshu , Shikoku , and Kyushu, broadleaf evergreen trees dominated the forests, whereas broadleaf deciduous trees and conifers were common in northeastern Honshu and southern Hokkaido.

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Home info artis Biodata Artis Korea Berikut ini info tentang sekilas profil mereka. Untuk Biodata keartisan Lee Ji Ah bisa dilihat berikut ini: Pernah digosipkan mempunyai hubungan khusus dengan Bae Young Jun Biodata Profil Artis Korea 14 weeks 3 days ago. Madharo berbagi ilmu Biodata atau profil foto artis korea dan flem yang di bintangi artis korea Biodata Profil Artis Korea – Kombes.

Artis korea Bae Jong Jun adalah salah satu aktor korea senior. Ji Ah-onni menguasai 3 bahasa yaitu Korea, Inggris dan Jepang. Maka enggak heran sempat terjadi kontroversi mengenai biodata Ji Ah-onni


The question is what can be viewed as the “same as” page for an article at Wikipedia. Due to the assumptions made at Wikidata there should be only one link for each entity, which clearly is troublesome at Commons. At the same time it is necessary to have some kind of unique lookup to find the Wikidata item unless you want to create sitelinks for every file, and that seems a little weird to me. I’m tempted to say you should link within the same namespace, and add a topic page gallery page , that is the landing page for sitelinks from the Wikidata items, as necessary.

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No reproduction without permission. The Teochews say it best: The cabin crew, with both men and women in casual shirts and pants, were especially warm and friendly. A bean, a nut, a pea. This Middle Eastern dish is commonly eaten in Malay households but rarely sold in stalls. Resembling porridge, it is made with kidney beans, which are first boiled, then ground into chunky bits and cooked with curry powder and spices. While there are many versions, this one by owner Ayob Rahman, 46, is served with bread, chilli, lime and onions.

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I thought I would spend a few seconds letting you know I am ok – I am still alive! I last left you guys just as I was moving cities My plan was to get a new system ASAP and then get back in the fray!! Alas this did not pan out – due to moving costs I had to put it off 6 months – then 6 months later something else made me delay even further. Yet my GF has plenty of room for multiple clothing options!!

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A magnetostratigraphy pattern has been constructed for the Ammonoid rich Middle Jurassic Bathonian succession of Jumara Dome, Kach- chh, western India. We present the first magnetostratigraphic results from the Ammonoid bearing exposed Bathonian sediments in Kachchh. The Jumara Dome comprised of mixed carbonate- siliciclastic succession is represented by the Jhurio and Patcham formations and siliciclastic- dominating Chari Formation in the Kachchh Mainland.

The Jumara Dome sediments were deposited during sea-level fluctuating, and were interrupted by storms in the shallow marine environment. This study is based on collection of 60 oriented samples from 13 successive levels. Palaeolatitudes were computed using the ChRM directions. Magnetostratigraphic column is prepared and correlated with Geological Time Scale GTS of [1] [2] , and this column readily matched with GTS at M41 to below and exhibits the dominance of normal polarity in Jumara.

Magnetostratigraphy, Jurassic, Kachchh, India 1. Introduction Several models based on geological and geophysical evidences for the tectonic evolution of the Indian plate from its Pangean origin to the present day was proposed by [3]. The evolution of the Indian plate is least understood among all the Gondwana landmasses.

The first stage of rifting of Pangea took place in middle Jurassic during this time India was still a part of Gondwana.

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A cartoon depiction of the catalytic roles of the squalene synthase-like enzymes in Botryococcus braunii race B and their putative contributions to the triterpene constituents that accumulate. The previously identified squalene synthase gene BSS 31 is thought to provide squalene essential for sterol metabolism, whereas the squalene synthase-like genes SSL-1, SSL-2, and SSL-3 provide for the triterpene oils serving specialized functions for the algae.

In combination with SSL-1, SSL-2 could provide squalene for extracellular matrix and methylated squalene derivatives, while SSL-1 plus SSL-3 generates botryococcene, which along with its methyl derivatives, accounts for the majority of the triterpene oil. Support for the neofunctionalization of these unusual binary systems for triterpene biosynthesis is provided by the distinctive biosynthetic activities associated with SSL-2 Fig. There are no reports of bisfarnesyl ether accumulation in Botryococcus or any other organism, but it could be incorporated into other more complex matrix polymers masking its detection.

One possible means for bisfarnesyl ether biosynthesis does not involve a PSPP intermediate but instead an alternative reactivity of two bound farnesyl moieties via a SN2 Williamson ether synthesis-type reaction Fig. Second, the accumulation of both squalene and bisfarnesyl ether in yeast coexpressing SSL-1 and SSL-2 is also consistent with this proposed mechanism. The yeast line used for these studies is engineered for high FPP production but tends to accumulate FOH as a consequence of FPP dephosphorylation catalyzed by endogenous phosphatases 35 , Third, while there is no obvious or direct chemical requirement for reducing equivalents in the biosynthesis of the bisfarnesyl ether from FPP and FOH, the significance of the NADPH dependence might relate to a structural role rather than a catalytic one.

Hence, not only has SSL-2 maintained its catalytic ability to convert PSPP to squalene, it has evolved a novel catalytic activity yielding a bisprenyl ether from prenyl diphosphates. One possibility for how these unique triterpene synthases arose is that a progenitor squalene synthase gene could have duplicated to yield multiple gene copies. While one copy BSS maintained its coding capacity for squalene synthase activity, essential for sterol metabolism, the other copies SSL-1, SSL-2, and SSL-3 would have afforded opportunities for evolutionary diversification.

Alternatively, Botryococcus could have acquired multiple copies of SSL genes by a horizontal gene transfer process and those genes may have evolved specialized synthase-like activities. For example, one of the acquired squalene synthase-like genes could have evolved the capacity for botryococcene biosynthesis and a subsequent gene duplication event could have resulted in loss of function for either the first half reaction or the second.

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