In the first couple hours of having it up I was able to hear stations I could not hear before. The skywire loop is an excellent antenna – they can be a bit of work to get up in the air if you have a lot of obstacles trees, xyl, etc. What’s the right length? Anything shorter becomes a challenge to match on the upper bands and increases the chances of the feedline becoming the radiator and a source of RFI. The length of a loop best suited for operation on meters is too short for use on the higher bands. The optimal choice is to cut the loop for resonance on the highest band you plan to use, however it becomes difficult to use a giant meter loop on 10 meters – your feedline length must not be a fractional wavelength of the band you want to use or else you’ll wind up using your feedline as the radiator! I recommend a different loop for use on meters if those are your favorite bands, mostly because it’s easier to put up 71 feet of wire 14MHz with only 18 feet per side. It’s also easier to make a 23′ diameter loop for 20 meters more circular instead of square shaped. Remember, the ideal loop is a perfect circle – it’s not too hard to make an 8-sided loop for 20 meters using PVC pipe and some dacron rope to hold it rigid.

C Crane Twin Coil AM Antenna

It is not necessary to ground the antenna if there is no radio noise. The wire can either be wrapped around the lug or shaped with needle nose pliers first. You can mount the ELEMENT away from where you have placed the three or four feet of wire into the ground but it is best to keep the distance as short as possible.

Moisture content of the soil may also affect performance. Damp soil is better than dry soil.

I tried an AM loop antenna from a Teak AG receiver and also tried a tunable AM ring antenna from Radio Shack that works on a Panasonic mini-receiver. Neither work with the TX receiver. All I get is static with no AM reception at all, even if I tune the RS ring antenna.

Antennas Home-made antennas can greatly improve the performance of AM and FM radios, short-wave receivers, and scanners. If you are a talk-radio fan then experiment with the AM band antennas and you will be able to hear shows from all over the country with surprising clarity. Short-wave receivers are always coping with weak signals and they must have a good antenna to perform adequately.

Scanners can pick up local police and two-way radio with the little telescoping antenna provided but with good antennas a scanner becomes an amazing ear on the world nearby. No pre-amp, filter or other receiver refinement offers anywhere near the level of performance improvement t that a well-designed antenna offers. The results can be quite satisfying, leaving no doubt that the project was well worth the effort. Active MHz Hula-Loop Antenna for Shortwave In the past, designs that incorporated an amplifier in the antenna were called “antennafiers” so perhaps this is a “loopifier”.

AM Loop Antenna

Conti It’s the question I’m asked most often about broadband loop antennas such as the Delta, Flag, and SuperLoop; “Where can I find the matching transformer? Because the broadband loop antenna is floating no connection to ground , the antenna connections must be isolated from the lead-in. If the high impedance winding of the antenna is physically connected to the low impedance winding of the lead-in, then the loop antenna will no longer be floating which defeats the noise-reduced design of the inherently low-noise loop configuration.

Those commercially available matching transformers, often referred to as ‘baluns’, usually have an internal common ground connection between the high and low impedance windings. The common ground might be perfectly fine for dipole and vertical whip applications, but not for a loop.

AM Broadcast Loop Antenna. by James Townley. Several years ago, I became interested in medium wave DXing. One of my limitations was the size of my yard, so I developed an interest in tuned loop antennas to compensate, because setting up a beverage antenna was out of the question.

If so there are several possibilities. First you want to decide if you want an Inside Antenna or an Outside antenna. If an outside one.. Don’t take a chance on a lightning strike blowing up your radio. First a simple 20 foot wire attached to your radio will work and receive stations on your old radio.. Adding a ground wire to the radio will usually improve the signals and reduce some of the noise your hearing.

In this next section you will be able to see an inside antenna that works well. If you can get a long wire up in your attic This is a grid type of antenna that is simply stapled up to the roof rafters in your attic Spacing between wires of one to two feet is fine.

Wind Your Own RF Matching/Isolation Transformer

From the official website, customers can access the support page. There is a list of contact information for the various divisions of Dish Network customer service. Click here to leave a comment about your customer service experience. Phone Contact Numbers Customers have one phone number to call for customer support, but the phone number is listed as a sales number. Under the customer support page, there are no phone numbers listed.

We tested the numbers with the following results.

Hook up mobile home Delta Loop Antenna Related Keywords Zobraziť viac. Amatérske Rádio SURVIVAL S-C-I-E-N-C-E! Rámy. AM Loop Antenna from MTM Scientific, Inc. Jamie, maybe try this shape instead for your AM. Tento a ďalšie piny nájdete na nástenke Loop antenna používateľa Marian Hrachala. Zobraziť viac.

The new design allows for a simply-wound ferrite loopstick antenna with a single coil winding, connecting to the radio’s circuit board on just two soldered pads. No more complicated coil with a secondary local oscillator winding or multiple coil taps. The radio’s chip tunes the single coil inductance for longwave through the top of the mediumwave band. Replacing the ferrite antenna with something else is now easily possible. The common mod to these radios has been to remove the internal ferrite loopstick and replace it with a longer one, often mounted outside the radio on top.

This new ferrite loop is then tuned by the circuitry of the radio just as the old loop was. The longer or beefier ferrite gives the radio much greater sensitivity. What about an air core loop? Early on in reviewing the Si x chip’s documentation, I noticed the manufacturer showed an option of using an external, air core loop antenna as a substitution for the internal ferrite loop. Their suggestion was for a loop of minimal turns connected to the circuit board’s antenna terminals through a 1: It was apparent that using a full inductance loop was also possible.

This would also result in greater signal gathering ability. So, let’s get started.

Instructions for an AM Loop Antenna

Inverted U antenna for meters An Inverter U for the top band Do you find it hard to get on top band because of the antenna? This is a simple wire antenna that may be just what you need. It installs easily, needs no elaborate ground system, yet performs very well.

Dec 29,  · I would suggest that if you have a AM antenna source, either the antenna the original poster bought or a generic loop antenna, you connect one end of it to the EXT antenna .

Model Receiver Parts ldentification Notes We rely on you to know already what a resistor, transistor, lC “chip” and other common electronic parts “look like. Both the back and inside front covers of this manual provide some light-hearted help on basic parts identification. Each assembly step provides useful help in identifying any part, whether by shape, color-code, manufacturer’s markings, or other description. The Zener, and Varactor diodes must be identified exactly.

Our protocol is to identify those in picofarads up to 99 pF simply as 1 pF or 33 pF, etc. There may be one letter to identify temperature characteristics e. Building Electronic Kit Projects: Both this manual and the engineering discipline for this receiver were done with YOU very much in mind. Here’s what is important: To get a good fit of the LED’s and 3- digit displays, you’ll be handling the front panel and display lens – be VERY careful not to touch these with your soldering iron!

Page 23 Before you do ANY soldering, we remind you again to do the following:


Ask Question Step 4: Cutting the Paper Clips and Fixing Them You have to trim the paper clips with a nibbler or plier to fit the vertical bars “elements”. This is fairly straight forward. Lay the paper clip on the template’s element and mark the ends with a marker. Snip at the marking. Make sure that each element fits correctly the length of the bar on the diagram.

FM radio receivers need an antennae to pick up the signal a radio station transmits. FM radio signals are a much higher frequency than AM and therefore have a much more limited range.

In addition to the fact that the new antenna adds longwave capability the biggest step forward is usability…ease of use has been slightly improved, primarily because the tuning is now a little broader and therefore less critical. With the older antennas, the tuning control was SO pinpoint critical that many people mistakenly thought their units were dead because it was easy to skip right over the tuning spot without hearing even a blip…it was necessary to S-L-O-W-L-Y nudge the tuning thumbwheel until the signal suddenly jumped, then fine tuning was more of a matter of applying pressure to that thumbwheel rather than actually turning it noticeably.

Another enhancement is the addition of a gain control thumbwheel which offers better flexibility. With it you can reduce the gain if you suffer overload from excessive signals. All it is is a plastic stand that holds the ferrite sender and allows a small or medium size radio to lean against it at a convenient angle. While it certainly cannot begin to compete with much more expensive antennas such as a Wellbrook, Quantum Loop or C.

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Improving your AM AM Radio Reception – How to boost your reception- A 5 minute lesson on how you can dramatically increase your AM Radio’s signal, get rid of that horrible noise and static, and a look at what could be causing your problems. Why not just listen to the internet? AM Radios are portable and with the right AM antenna, you can listen to long distance radio stations, especially at night!

AM Radio — How do I boost my signal? You hear the advertisements for the high performance radios all the time, but in reality, any small radio, even low performance portable radios can benefit from just a simple antenna, reducing the noise of your radio, or getting the radio into a better location.

3 Foot Box Loop Antenna These antennas are larger versions of the small loop antennas that were part of the cardboard back panel of older AC/DC five tube AM radios. Loop antennas of this type were popular in the very early days of radio.

There is also a wealth of technical information on active loop antennas on his pages. His amplifier kit is an excellent value and has worked out very well for me. I have followed the loop construction guidance on the site. In fact, mine measures at 1. It is mounted on a 2 M mast and sits on a TV rotator allowing remote control from inside the shack. Why a new antenna? So, a new antenna project has been engaged. I have a spot for it that is within the K9AY footprint and for testing purposes it is very easy to drop the K9AY to the ground to prevent interference.

Not sure how to hookup a DIY antenna to Grundig radio : shortwave

This shows a restored video signal after the Humbucker is installed. Ground loop Interference looks like a wavy line superimposed on the normal video signal. This image illustrates a moderate video ground loop problem. Note the three gray horizontal bands. The bands move up through the picture. What does it sound like?

AM/FM Stereo Receiver OWNER’S MANUAL MANUEL DU PROPRIÉTAIRE MANUAL DEL USUARIO BEDIENUNGSANLEITUNG MANUALE DI ISTRUZIONI GEBRUIKSAANWIJZING Z AG FRANÇAIS AM Indoor Loop Antenna The high-performance AM loop antenna provided with this unit is sufficient for good reception in most areas.

Why the G5RV continues to remain popular is a mystery. The ‘legendary’ name, perhaps? That it can be ‘thrown up’ without too much thought? The fact that it’ cheap and cheerful? There has been much written about the G5RV and the overall conclusion is that it’s not a very good multi-band antenna. Certainly it will work quite well on, perhaps, a couple of bands, but there are better alternatives, especially when one considers the wide availability of remote automatic antenna matching units remote auto ‘a.

In fact, Louis Varney G5VA himseld stated that a much better alternative to any of these ‘G5RV’ designs is to run the open-wire line from the center of a dipole all the way to a balanced antenna tuner!! This aerial arrangement will work on ANY band from 80 metres through to 10 meters. The G5RV is, therefore, not the most efficient aerial and, as users report, may not always be the easiest to use, but because it is coax fed, it remains an ever popular choice because it’s easy to feed the coax cable from the antenna’s location back to the shack.

Unfortunately this easy lazy? One may say, Oh well, there’s perhaps only 2 or 3 S points in it. A difference of 3 S points is the difference between radiating watts or only radiating 1.

How to Make an FM Antenna

In other words, a well-soldered 10 wire would definitely be superior to 1-inch tubing that uses alligator clips for a connection. Each time you double the OD of the wire or tubing, you can expect about a 3db increase in efficiency. For wire, this is pretty easy.

Oct 05,  · A Hardwired Loop For DSP Radios The introduction of DSP ultralight radios using the Silicon Labs Six chip about four years ago proved to be an experimenter’s playground. The new design allows for a simply-wound ferrite loopstick antenna with a single coil winding, connecting to the radio’s circuit board on just two soldered : RADIO-TIMETRAVELLER.

Hence after having a good Receiver and a Transmitter or Transceiver , the next important item one should have to set up a ham radio station is a good antenna. The radio frequency power that is generated in the transmitter should be radiated in the form of electro magnetic waves. It is the job of the antenna to convert the RF power into radio waves and radiate them into the desired direction for effective communication.

For this purpose, the antenna should be located well above the ground and it should be kept away from any tall buildings, trees, electrical power conductors, telephone and telegraph wires and other metal objects that will absorb the energy. The antenna should be erected as high as possible for the best results. Antennas has reciprocity in that a good transmitting antenna will also work as a good receiving antenna.

So if an amateur takes proper care and bestow attention in installing a good antenna, it will pay him rich dividends. Otherwise, however sophisticated may be the transmitting system, it will not be possible to get satisfactory performance.

Radio Shack Indoor AM FM Antenna Model 15-1859